Society of Petroleum Engineers bursaries - EGIS IPE student success



From left: Junko Hutahaen, Mustapha Lamorde, Ritika Pawar (Student Development Chair, SPE Aberdeen), Ross Lowdon (Chairman, SPE Aberdeen) Harikrishnan Radhakrishnan and Omid Shahrokhi.

We are delighted to report some Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society (EGIS) Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) success in the form of two £2,500 and three £500 Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) bursaries.

£2,500 bursary winners:

  • Haikrishnan Radhakrishnan
  • Ross Grant

£500 bursary winners:

  • Shahrokhi Omid
  • Mustapha Lamorde
  • Junko Hutahaean

The bursaries are awarded to students attending Aberdeen, Robert Gordon, Dundee and Heriot-Watt Universities; and to those studying a degree relevant to the oil and gas industry, at an under-graduate, post-graduate or PhD level.

Students were required to demonstrate an intention of working in the oil and gas industry on completion of their studies, as well as academic merit and active involvement in the SPE.

Ross Grant is one of the NERC CDT cohort and our first Applied Geoscience PhD student to succeed in the SPE awards.