Nobel Prize winner inspires future winners



The winner of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2014, Dr Eric Betzig, gave the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium’s (ESRIC) Summer Lecture last week.

Dr. Betzig won his Nobel Prize for the development of the single molecule localisation technique, PALM, which has revolutionized the way scientists can examine cellular processes at the nanoscale. Dr. Betzig now works at Janelia Farm in the USA where he is continuing his quest to advance optical imaging, with developments such as Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy, enabling the observation of the basis of life with unrivalled clarity.

Dr. Betzig gave an inspirational and thought-provoking talk on his journey from academia to industry and back again, showcasing some of the revolutionary work he and his collaborators have done and the jaw-dropping microscopy recordings he has generated. The take home message being that the best is yet to come!

The lecture was sold out within a day when registration opened in May this year, with demand for tickets overwhelming. A turn out led to an amazing atmosphere at the lecture and the reception afterwards, where researchers from across Scotland and the rest of the world were able to connect.

The open public lecture was held at Edinburgh’s Royal College of Physician’s as part of the ESRIC Super-Resolution Summer School.