NERC's Director of Science & Innovation visits Heriot-Watt



(l-r): John Underhill (EGIS), Liz Fellman (RES), Tony Weir (RES), Iain Gillespie (NERC), Phil Wookey (SLS), Murray Roberts (SLS)

A Heriot-Watt delegation hosted a visit by Professor Iain Gillespie, NERC’s Director of Science & Innovation on Friday 12 June.

Professor Gillespie outlined his role at the Research Council and shared his knowledge of the science and innovation landscape. He took the opportunity to discuss Heriot-Watt’s strengths in marine science and autonomous robotics, applied geoscience, terrestrial ecosystems and carbon storage.  

Discussion also covered Heriot-Watt’s successful leadership in the flagship NERC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Oil & Gas and UK Ocean Acidification programme with DECC and Defra. Professor Gillespie also visited had a guided tour of the construction site for the Lyell Centre for Earth and Marine Science & Technology which will house the British Geological Survey (BGS), a NERC Research Centre, from early 2016