Harnessing community energy



The latest findings from an ongoing project into community renewable energy will be presented at a conference in Findhorn near Inverness next week on 4 and 5 June 2015.

‘Harnessing Community Energies - Optimising the Benefits of Renewable Energy’ features research carried out by Professor Eddie Owens and team on the ORIGIN project. Households have increased their use of local renewable energy by up to 20% thanks to a smart energy ‘hub’ that matches demand to availability.

Launched last November in three communities in Portugal, Italy and Scotland, the ORIGIN system -  designed by a consortium of researchers led by Heriot-Watt University -  has already had a positive impact.

Householders in the three villages where the system has been installed, can download renewable energy forecasts that tell them when locally-produced wind power is available. Their energy-use behaviour has already changed significantly.

The conference runs across 4 and 5 June. Guest speaker on Thursday evening is Lesley Riddoch and an Ecovillage Seminar takes place on the Friday.

For more information please visit the Findhorn Foundation College website.