Foundation CMG Visits Institute of Petroleum Engineering



I have tremendously enjoyed our visit to IPE and Heriot-Watt University and meeting its dedicated students and staff. I am very impressed with the ambitions of Heriot-Watt University and the breadth and depth of the research and training activities in this Foundation CMG Chair Programme, which are well aligned with our mission.
Duke Anderson, President Foundation CMG

Duke Anderson and Keith Kovalsky, President and VP Technology of Foundation CMG visited the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) recently to discuss the research activities they are supporting through their sponsorship of the Foundation CMG Chairs held by Professor Eric Mackay, and Professor Sebastian Geiger.

The support from Foundation CMG has enabled Professors MacKay and Geiger to train 24 PhD and over 100 MSc students and raise over £6.5M to support their research activities on preventing mineral scale formation in hydrocarbon reservoirs, modelling subsurface CO2 storage, and improving the technology for carbonate reservoir modelling and simulation.

During the three day event, Mr Anderson and Mr Kovalsky, who were accompanied by Dr Steve Webb and Susan Fellows from CMG Ltd. as well as Prof Arne Skauge, Foundation CMG Chair for EOR Modelling at the University of Bergen, met with PhD and MSc students, postdoctoral researchers, and academics associated with the Foundation CMG Chair Programme. They also enjoyed the opportunity to meet with key members of the Heriot-Watt University executive and learn more about Heriot-Watt University’s recent investments to strengthen the applied geoscience research through the Sir Charles Lyell Centre and NERC CDT in Oil and Gas.

Foundation CMG and Computer Modelling Group

It is a privilege for Heriot-Watt University and IPE to be associated with such a unique organisation as Foundation CMG. We are grateful for the opportunities that Foundation CMG has provided to us in the past and looking forward to continuing our partnership in the future.
Professor Gareth Pender, Head of EGIS

Foundation CMG, whose mission is "to promote and fund professors and grad students with learning and research in areas of computer numerical modelling and visualisation of oil and gas recovery processes, reservoirs and related topics with collaboration and technology transfer with industry", is currently supporting 14 research chairs worldwide with the vision to support the training of 5000 graduate students and invest $700 Million into reservoir simulation research over the next 25 years.

Computer Modelling Group (CMG) Ltd., founded in 1978, is the world’s largest independent company developing specialist reservoir simulation software for the oil and gas industry. Based in Calgary, they are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with branch offices in Houston, Dubai, Caracas, Bogota, London and Kuala Lumpur.