Conclusion of successful summer graduations



Professor Charles Bamforth, Doctor Inge Russell, Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer
We are thrilled to recognise the achievements of these eminent scientists.
Professor Alex Speers

The Heriot-Watt summer graduations came to a close with ceremonies for the Edinburgh Business School and the School of Life Sciences.

Among the honorary graduates whose achievements in fields relevant to Heriot-Watt specialisations have been marked by the University during the week are three experts in the fields of brewing and distilling.

Professor Charles Bamforth, Distinguished Professor at the University of California, and Professor Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Professor Emeritus at Heriot-Watt University, who received their awards at Friday’s ceremony, were joined by Doctor Inge Russell, Editor of Critical Reviews in Biotechnology; Journal of the Institute of Brewing, who was honoured in an earlier ceremony.

Inspiring scientific careers

Professor Alex Speers, Chair and Director if the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) said, “We are thrilled to recognise the achievements of these eminent scientists and delighted that they were able to join us here today.

“I’m sure that seeing them and hearing about their scientific careers and the successes they have demonstrated will be a source of inspiration for all of our graduands.”

Congratulations also to all of the Heriot-Watt graduands whose own achievements have been celebrated during our summer graduations. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have celebrated with them and their families, and we wish them all the best as they embark on their careers.