Augmented reality urban planning app in development by Heriot-Watt researchers



Augmented reality will no longer be tied to a desktop with the UrbanPlanAR app now in development
At present there is a system that works on a fixed location, we are creating a solution so that the user can walk around with their mobile device and see both the existing urban environment and the proposed development. This will help people better grasp the impact of the new development.
Dr Frédéric Bosché, EGIS Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design

Dr Frédéric Bosché and Dr Ludovico Carozza, researchers at Heriot-Watt’s Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design, are collaborating with LinkNode Ltd to develop the mobile application UrbanPlanAR. This app aims to revolutionise communication and engagement within urban design and master planning by creating a mobile augmented reality (AR) tool which will visualise proposed developments in the real onsite environment.

Heriot-Watt will develop state-of-the-art urban location tracking technology critical to the delivery of such a solution.

The app will also integrate technology to support a smooth workflow with Building Information Modelling (BIM).

The team hope to have their first prototype demonstrated by the end of the year.