American Universities visit Heriot-Watt



Single molecule imaging at ESRIC

Thirty undergraduate students from American Universities visited Heriot-Watt’s imaging labs this week, as part of their Medical Biotechnology and Drug Development program with the Danish Institute for Study Abroad.

The students visited the Edinburgh Super Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) to learn about the exciting interdisciplinary research being undertaken by researchers from IB3, at Heriot-Watt University and the IGMM at The University of Edinburgh.

Microscopy is always so COOL!
American undergraduate student from the Danish Institute for Study Abroad

ESRIC brings together expertise from across a broad scientific spectrum from cell biologists to physical scientists, to extend the boundaries of microscopic imaging for investigating cellular functions and human disease.

As well as a visit to BryoActives, a spin out company at Heriot-Watt University employing screening technology to identify novel mode of action antibiotics, the students attended a talk by the ESRIC facility manager Dr Alison Dun. Alison gave the students insight into the collaborative projects ongoing in ESRIC focusing around cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy techniques.

This was the third visit from students at the institute, who in previous years have attended tours of IB3 with PhD students working in Microfluidics, 3D printing and Super-Resolution Microscopy showcasing the outstanding work ongoing within the University and ESRIC. These visits have come with exceptional feedback from course leaders and the students, with ESRIC being their favourite stop in their tour of Scotland’s research facilities!

The programme is a non-profit study abroad institute, which offers courses across almost all the disciplines, and receives approximately 1200 students per semester.