SPE Distinguished Lecturer Presentation - Free Event

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Geomechanics and Fractured Reservoirs: Comforting, Confusing, or Scary?

You are warmly invited to join other SPE professionals and students for refreshments and registration at 6pm followed by an expert talk at 6.30pm and a networking buffet from 7.30pm. This event will take place in the Postgraduate Centre.

Fractured reservoirs are known to exhibit changes in their characteristics during the production life cycle.

Attempts to explain this behaviour using simple rules are usually not successful, and ultimately they are doomed, because the rules are based on assumptions that are physically impossible. Moving to the next level requires a change of mindset that involves abandoning the notion that geomechanical processes are governed by a constant state of stress.

By gaining an understanding of the process interactions that occur in fractured reservoirs, we can protect ourselves from the fear of the unknown - and we may be able to use this knowledge to be more effective in planning our reservoir management tasks.


Prof. Gary Couples, Heriot-Watt University and SPE Distinguished Lecturer.


There is no charge for the event but registration is required in order to allow catering arrangements to be made.

HWU attendees should notify Christine Tudhope at pr@hw.ac.uk.