School of Textiles and Design launches Style-Up Dubai Campaign

Fashion students at the Dubai Campus took part in a fashion makeover campaign organised by the School of Textiles and Design and Splash Fashion, a large fashion retailer in the Middle East.

Style-Up Dubai campaign

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus came up with a fashion makeover campaign under the name of 'Style-Up Dubai'. The initiative was undertaken by Heriot-Watt's School of Textiles and Design in Dubai with the sponsorship of clothing retailer Splash Fashion.

Applicants were invited via social media to submit in less than 50 words why they deserved a free fashion and style makeover. The four winners were then chosen and styled by four Heriot-Watt Fashion and Fashion Marketing & Retailing students.

The students selected clothes and accesories at the Splash store at the Mall of Emirates where the winners were styled in three outfits each for daywear, casual and evening wear.