New Chief Executive for Heriot-Watt linked oil and gas industry support organisation

The Oil and Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC), of which Heriot-Watt is the Administrative University, has announced the appointment of a new Chief Executive, Ian Phillips, shortly after it received a further £1.66 million from the Scottish Funding Council to support industry innovation.

OGIC links over 2,300 oil and gas operators and service companies to 12 universities across Scotland with academic staff and researchers focused on oil and gas and other cross-over technologies. It will be providing funding for 100+ projects over the next five years.

Based in Aberdeen, OGIC had already been allocated £10.6 million from the Scottish Funding Council to support demand led innovation between industry and Scottish Universities.

Paul de Leeuw, OGIC Chair, said, "Ian is a very well-known and highly respected industry leader and I'm absolutely delighted to get him on board to lead OGIC over the next few years.

"Ian has over 30 years' experience in the Oil and Gas industry and brings a unique blend of experiences, including 19 years in the Operator community, 6 years in the Service sector and 7 years in the Carbon Capture and Storage business. Ian also has a track record of working with the higher education sector, the Society of Petroleum Engineers and in managing technology projects."

On his appointment, Ian said, "This is an exciting new opportunity and I am looking forward to helping accelerate the development of an innovation culture within the industry.

"We are giving companies access to a massive R&D capability that exists across Scottish Universities and are willing to fund research that will make a difference. I am delighted to be asked to play a leadership role in this important area."