Heriot-Watt hosts Super-Resolution Summer School

Researchers from across the globe attended the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium (ESRIC) Summer School held at Heriot-Watt on 4 - 8 August 2014. The five-day course provided an opportunity for a broad range of delegates from PhD students, microscope facility managers, post-doctorate Fellows to Principal Investigators and clinicians to delve into the finer details of super-resolution microscopy.

Delegates attended lectures from eight invited speakers in Super-Resolution Microscopy and hands-on workshops delivered by leading microscope companies.

High-resolution microscopy techniques

ESRIC is a joint initiative between Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh funded by the Medical Research Council. Based at Heriot-Watt University, the research centre enables biologists to use the latest in high-resolution microscopy approaches to address key questions in biomedical research.

ESRIC also serves as a platform for training and provides collaborative opportunities with researchers from a diverse range of disciplines, including physics, chemistry and mathematics.

The Super-Resolution Summer School was organised in partnership with Olympus UK with additional funding and support from Leica, Nikon, Hamamatsu, SVI and Photonex Scotland.

ESRIC will run again a Summer School in August 2015 which consolidates its presence as a major UK-Centre for super-resolution imaging and training.

An international expert committee acting for the EuroBioImaging consortium, a major EU-group with over €300million to disburse for bioimaging infrastructure, recently commended ESRIC as a 'Flagship Node' for high-end microscopy. This recognition attracts researchers from across the EU with recent visitors from Denmark and Germany, paying residential visits to the Centre.