Heriot-Watt fashion designs at Edinburgh Science Festival

CuteCircuit on the catwalk at Techno-threads with the School of Textiles and Design creations visible in the background.

Displays by students from Heriot-Watt's School of Textiles and Design formed part of Techno-threads, an event dedicated to future fashion and technology in clothes design. Students submitted their designs, which were then selected by New Media Scotland and included in part of their curated exhibition on the night.

The event was the second sell-out show sponsored by Heriot-Watt at this year's Edinburgh International Science Festival and gave the students the opportunity to rub shoulders with designer names and key players in the fashion world, as well as showing some of their work to an eager public. 

Creations from CuteCircuit, high end fashion designer of choice for Katy Perry, were to be seen on the catwalk and Heriot-Watt alumnus Lynsey Calder also showcased her work.