Funding for Large Scale Antenna Systems

Dr Mathini Sellathurai, from the School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, has secured funding from EPSRC (£280,000) to develop signal processing techniques for large scale antenna systems using compact ESPAR antennas.

Energy Efficiency

This project will investigate the deployment of Large Scale Antenna Systems for 5G wireless systems and beyond and a key aim of the project is reducing the CO2 emissions in wireless communications in line with the EPSRC subtheme on Energy Efficiency. Other important benefits include the improved ability of wireless networks to support more users with better quality of service and cheaper devices - expecting numerous financial, societal and healthcare benefits and the project also attracted in-kind support from Bell-Labs, Alcatel Lucent, New Jersey, USA.

Dr Sellathurai has been appointed as one of the 30 members of the IEEE Signal Processing for Communications and Networking technical committee (IEEE SPCOM technical committee) for the 2014-2016 term. IEEE SPCOM technical committee is responsible for promoting IEEE Signal Processing Society activities within its area of technical interest and for making nominations in the IEEE Signal Processing Society awards process.