Dr Alan Forster wins Royal Society of Edinburgh grant

The School of the Built Environment's Dr Alan Forster has won the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE) Bilateral exchange programme (Visiting Research Fellowship) grant. The grant was awarded in collaboration with the Academy of Sciences for the Czech Republic. His work will be undertaken within the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, and more specifically, the ARCCHIP Centre of Excellence (Advanced Research Centre for Cultural Heritage Interdisciplinary Projects).

The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic was established in 1992 by the Czech National Council as the Czech successor of the former Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. The Academy is the leading non-university public research institution in the Czech Republic and conducts both fundamental and strategic applied research.

This grant will enable the development of meaningful collaborative research between Heriot-Watt and The Academy of Sciences for the Czech Republic, (Prague) in the area of low carbon materials in the Built Environment.