Culvert Blockage technical note published

The Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) has published a report on culvert blockage based on Heriot-Watt University research.

Culverts are large pipes or structures which allow rivers to pass under roads and other infrastructure. Their blockage during flood events can lead to flooding. Heriot-Watt University researchers are recognised as internationally leading experts in this area of research.

The report is based on work related to the detailed measurement of debris and blockage for culverts in Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Australia undertaken by Scott Arthur, Nick Wallerstein, Janice Blanc and Deonie Allen. Although this work has resulted in many academic papers, its relevance to industry was recognised recently when CIRIA published a technical note based entirely on the Heriot-Watt team's research.

Commenting on the launch of the report, Dr Arthur said: "The publication of CIRIA report C720 will ensure that flood risk managers across the UK can benefit from the research undertaken at Heriot-Watt University."