AAPG Europe Distinguished Lecture Tour

From mid-May through to the beginning of June Professor Patrick Corbett, Institute of Petroleum Engineering BG Group Professor of Carbonate Petroleum Geoengineering, will deliver his AAPG Europe Distinguished Lecture tour to audiences in Aberdeen, Lisboa, Madrid, Rijswijk, Geneva, Aachen, Leoben, Budapest, Copenhagen and Paris. 

Professor Corbett began his tour with two lectures at the Edinburgh Campus on Tuesday 6 and Wednesday 7 May:

  • Is our Carbonate Reservoir Fractured?  Engineering Says Yes and Geology Says No!
  • Closing the loop between geology and reservoir engineering in the building, calibration and history-matching of carbonate reservoir models

About AAPG

Since its founding in 1917, the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) has been a pillar of the worldwide scientific community. The original purpose of AAPG, to foster scientific research, to advance the science of geology, to promote technology, and to inspire high professional conduct, still guides the Association today.

AAPG Distinguished Lecture Program

Developed in 1941, the Distinguished Lecture Program continues to be AAPG's oldest and most prestigious program. Funded in part by the AAPG Foundation, the program offers outstanding lectures by speakers who are respected scientific leaders in their disciplines of petroleum geology. Anyone can attend the lectures, which are hosted by AAPG affiliated geological societies or university departments.