47th Geological Congress, Salvador, Brazil

From left: Jason Canning (BG Group), Murilo Medeiros (BG Brasil), Leonardo Borghi (UFRJ), Frances Abbots (BG Brasil) and Patrick Corbett

Heriot-Watt University's Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE) was well-represented at the 47th Geological Congress in Salvador Brazil, 22-26th September.

With our partners in the Laboratory of Sedimentary Geology (LAGESED) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), IPE was involved with two aural papers and two poster presentations on work in carbonates.

This biannual meeting is the largest geological congress in Brazil attended by many government agencies, companies, academics and students and an ideal platform for Heriot-Watt's growing cooperation in the region.

Prof. Patrick Corbett (IPE) returned to Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh campus after two years living and working in Brazil supported by BG Group.  He established novel academic partnerships and helped to develop international research links between Brazil and Scotland.  He continues as BG Group Professor of Petroleum Engineering and is responsible for Heriot-Watt's strategy in Brazil.


  1. Camara, Corbett, Borghi, Tavares, Perosi, 2014
    Petrophysical Facies in Carbonate Rocks
    Paper 016572
  2. Tavares, Borghi, Corbett, Camara, 2014
    Diagenetic Facies in Carbonate Rocks
    Paper 015994
  3. Yuji Hagashi, Borghi, Corbett, 2014
    Evaluation of Representative Elementary Volume (REV) in Stromatolites of Lagoa Salgada
    Paper 016140
  4. Estrella, Corbett, Borghi, Camara, da Silva Mendes, Tavares, 2014
    Variation of Porosity in Coquinas of the Morro de Chaves Formation, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin
    Paper 016859