Women's Group wins Campaign of the Year Award

The Heriot-Watt University Student Union Women's Group has won Campaign of the Year Award for  its work on Zero Tolerance to sexual harassment in the first NUS Scotland Women's Campaign Awards.

A Zero Tolerance Policy was implemented by the Union and adopted by the University. Alongside this, the Union committed itself to a range of other activities which are set out in  its Zero Tolerance Report.

The campaign actions included giving out personal alarms to keep students safe if they are walking home alone at night, and getting the most offending 'lad mags' banned on campus and covering up the rest of them in the Student Shop with a sleeve explaining why they are deemed inappropriate. Alongside this, the Women's Group also organised the Edinburgh Reclaim the Night march which is a march to protest against the levels of violence against women worldwide.

For more information and to see  the policy and report please visit here.