You can be sure of these future petroleum industry leaders

MSc Petroleum Engineering student Joe Hicks taking part in the workshop

Masters students  at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering recently  attended a Management Skills Workshop on Leadership & Fellowship as part of their 8-week group  design projects.  

The group design projects  are a popular part of  the  Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience  Masters programmes offered by the Institute of Petroleum Engineering.  

Groups are provided with real field data,  similar to that which would be available to an industry operator prior to a development decision.  Using state-of-the-art computer technology and industry standard software,  the data has to be  analysed in order to make an assessment of the reservoir and design an appropriate production system.  Participants  gain a valuable insight into the use of imperfect and incomplete data and the problems of group interaction as  they apply  what they have  learned  in class to the design project.

The workshop, delivered by Paul Garnham of Shell, is designed to foster collaboration as the key to effective team leadership and  participants get to work on their  teamwork, presentation and negotiation skills.