SMEs to benefit from petroleum CPD training discount

A  50% discount funded by the  Edinburgh Technology Partnership (ETP) is available on selected  CPD courses at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering.

The discount  aims to make  petroleum industry CPD training more accessible and attractive to small and medium sized enterprises.  The following courses are eligible for funding:

  • Advanced Completion Engineering
  • Gas hydrates: friend of foe?
  • Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
  • Introduction to Production Engineering and Operations
  • Gas Condensate Reservoir Engineering
  • Gas Hydrates and Flow Assurance
  • Petroleum engineering for other disciplines
  • PVT and phase behaviour of reservoir fluids
  • Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and CO2
  • Well Testing for Reservoir Description

To find out more, please contact  our CPD  course administrator.