SBE exchange students awarded SIAS certificates

Guest Lecturer Malcolm Calvert (right) and the SBE exchange students with their certificates.

Last week third year Brazilian exchange students from the School of the Built Environment were awarded certificates from SIAS Transport Planners Ltd for successfully completing a traffic microsimulation coursework exercise.    

Malcolm Calvert, the Paramics Microsimulation Manager at SIAS, was impressed with the quality of their work. He said: "In a way, I wasn't so interested in whether every €˜i' was dotted or every €˜t' crossed, I was more interested to see whether the students could think like professional engineers.   The presentations were better than many I have seen in real-life".    

Dr Guy Walker, course leader for Transportation Engineering, said:"The course is focused on the professional realities of transportation and microsimulation is a major part of that. The involvement of an Edinburgh based company who happen to be world leaders in traffic microsimulation has been a great benefit to the students."