Prizes for Computer Science students

Left to right: Simon Foley from Scott Logic, Yanko Slavov, Jonathan Menzies, Martin Petrov, Mario Friz, Medet Azhimbayev, Sunil Khutan, and Alan Smith from Heriot-Watt Careers Service.

Three groups of students from the Computer Science and Information System programmes in the School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences were recognised as the winners of the third year group project prize.

The project topic was to develop a software system for a fictional sports tournament, covering registration of athletes, match scheduling and results reporting. The students worked on the project for a year, guided by a member of staff acting as manager.

The teams presented their project work to a small audience consisting of some members of the Industrial Steering Board and staff from the Computer Science department.

The judging panel included Simon Foley from Scott Logic, Alan Smith from Heriot-Watt Careers Service, and Monica Farrow, Supervisor for third year programmes within the Computer Science department.

Cash prizes were awarded to the top three groups who successfully produced a well-designed software system, using suitable development processes and working well as a team.

The Best Group project was awarded to 'Group 6' comprising Medet Azhimbayev, Mario Friz, Sunil Khutan, Jonathan Menzies, Martin Petrov and Yanko Slavov. Their manager was Dr Hans Wolfgang-Loidl. They demonstrated real initiative and technical expertise as well as excellent team spirit throughout the process.

Monica Farrow, Supervisor for third year programmes, said: "The judges were impressed with the very high quality of the projects and the professional approach of the students to software development. After the presentations, the students received valuable feedback from Simon Foley and Alan Smith.

"We very much appreciate the time that they have taken to attend the presentations and to add their expertise to the judging panel. We look forward to continuing our contact with Scott Logic as a potential future employer for the students."