Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi express interest in Carbonates collaboration

The Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi (PI) recently visited IPE  to discuss opportunities for research and teaching collaboration. Dr Ismail Tag, Acting President and Provost, and Dr Ebrahim Al Hajri, Director of External Relations represented PI. The visitors were seeking to strengthen ties with a number of leading institutions and so increase their capabilities in Abu Dhabi. Both PI and IPE found many areas where there could be mutual benefit in collaboration.

Of particular interest was IPE's research in Carbonates with discussion centred on our expertise in petroleum geoscience, EOR, flow assurance and PVT.  Increased collaboration will benefit Abu Dhabi, PI and IPE as PI seek to become the research and development arm of the national oil company ADNOC.

Work will be carried out to establish areas where IPE can work together with PI beginning with discussions in the UAE later in the year.