New Global Learning and Teaching programme launched at Heriot-Watt Malaysia

Dr Irene Malcolm (centre) with Mrs Janice Yew and colleagues from Heriot-Watt Malaysia

The first cohort of academic staff appointed to teach at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) completed the inaugural 'Introduction to Global Learning  and Teaching' programme in September 2013.

The programme was designed and led by Dr Irene Malcolm of the Centre for Academic Leadership  and Development, at the Edinburgh Campus, and aimed to assist academic staff in their preparation for the first intake of Masters students by HWUM.

Sharing best practice
I was very impressed with the expertise and enthusiasm of staff and students I met at HWUM. All were eager to excel in their Learning and Teaching roles.
Dr Irene Malcolm

Masters' courses in Built Environment, Petroleum Engineering and Renewable Energy are now being taught in Malaysia by academic teams comprising new lecturers at HWUM and course leaders from Edinburgh. To help the new staff develop as team members, the programme drew on their extensive disciplinary knowledge and enabled them to learn more about the history, culture and values Heriot-Watt University. Given their teaching roles, there was a primary focus on understanding Heriot-Watt's key policies and best-practice in relation to Learning and Teaching.

Dr Malcolm had been invited to develop and deliver the programme by the Vice Principal (Malaysia), Professor Bob Craik. Irene said of the experience, "I was very impressed with the expertise and enthusiasm of staff and students I met at HWUM. Many staff had years of experience in their fields, and some students were undertaking their second masters. All were eager to excel in their Learning  and Teaching roles".

Learning and Teaching Symposium

Further Global Learning  and Teaching support initiatives led by the Centre for Academic Leadership  and Development at Heriot-Watt University will be discussed at the forthcoming Learning  and Teaching Symposium to be held in Edinburgh on 10 October 2013. The event will be chaired by Deputy Principal for Learning & Teaching, Professor John Sawkins and is open to all Heriot-Watt University staff and students responsible for teaching.    

Visit here for further information and to book a place.