New figures on the impoverishment of the UK

A stark picture of the levels and extent of deprivation in the UK today is revealed in the Poverty and Social Exclusion (PSE) first report €˜The Impoverishment of the UK'. The PSE Research Team, which includes Heriot-Watt researchers from the Institute for Housing, Urban and Real Estate Research, present a remarkably bleak portrait of life in the UK today and the shrinking opportunities faced by the bottom third of UK society. However, the report also suggests that social deprivation in Scotland is not quite as severe as in the UK as a whole.

The Heriot-Watt team of Professor Glen Bramley and Dr Kirsten Besemer are particularly involved with aspects of the research looking at local services, housing, neighbourhoods, education and financial difficulties, and with the Scottish findings.

The first results from this study were broadcast on ITV on Thursday 28 March in a special €˜Tonight' programme on €˜Breadline Britain'.

For further information of the PSE project please visit the IHURER blog