JCI Award for Dr Benny Suryanto

Left to right: Prof Koichi Maekawa, Prof Taketo Uomoto, Dr Benny Suryanto, Motohiro Ohno, Dr. Nobuhiro Chijiwa.

Dr Benny Suryanto, Lecturer in Structural Engineering from the School of the Built Environment, and his former colleagues Motohiro Ohno (University of Michigan), Dr Nobuhiro Chijiwa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), and Prof Koichi Maekawa (University of Tokyo) won the Japan Concrete Institute (JCI) 2013 Award.

The award was made in recognition of their research into the multi-decade, excessive deflections of long span prestressed concrete bridges. The group of researchers received the prize at the award ceremony in Tokyo on 21 June 2013. This was the 39th edition of the JCI's annual award which has been held since 1975.