IPE secure GBP1M Petex software donation

Petroleum Experts (Petex)  have  renewed software  licenses worth  £1,072,970.00  for the  IPM suite  of applications.

The IPM suite is, in our experience, the only fully integrated reservoir, well, surface network modelling and production optimisation system in the market today. It has been used during the individual project element of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering's flagship MSc in Petroleum Engineering degree course. It has also been used in many HWU research projects."

Prof David Davies, IPE.

Petex  is an Edinburgh based software engineering company which specialises in the development of  software tools for the oil and gas industry.  With over 320 clients worldwide and numerous business and innovation  awards,  they are  recognised as one of  the leaders in  their field.

The Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) suite of applications model oil and gas production systems from the reservoir to the surface network, allowing engineers to design complex field models. The models produced  can be used to optimise production from  existing fields or  to design complete  production systems for new fields.

In thanking Petex for the donation Professor David Davies of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering added:  "The open nature of the IPM software allows realisation of user's algorithms and implementation of workflows which is especially valuable for a research work. This has resulted in it's intensive use within the Intelligent Well and Fields systems Technology joint industry project which focuses on developing methodologies and techniques for well and field monitoring, control and optimisation."