Heriot-Watt researchers at the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Researchers from across Heriot-Watt are taking part in a wide range of events at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, from redesigning Edinburgh for a better future, to gazing into scientific crystal balls.

Future Edinburgh and Innovation

Edinburgh is a tale of two cities - the unplanned sprawl of the Old Town in contrast with the organised flow of the New Town, which came out of necessity in the face of pollution and overcrowding. So how would we redesign our city to face current and future environmental and social challenges? Professor Sue Roaf of SBE joins a panel to envisage the Edinburgh of the future.

We hear the word 'innovation' everywhere these days but how do we successfully innovate? Join Vivienne Parry along with Gerry Mulligan from W L Gore and Associates, Lee Innes from Moredun Research and Professor Alan Miller from Heriot-Watt University for a panel discussion exploring the techniques and outcomes of science and industry's latest approaches to innovation.

Forecasting the future is a preoccupation for humans and, many believe, other species. Hear the mathematical predictions for the future from Heriot-Watt's Dr Timothy Johnson, who joins theoretical physicist Dr Charles Wang and seismologist Roger Musson.

Marine extravaganza

Scotland has one of the longest coastlines in Europe, which is home to a variety of important habitats and species. Learn more about the world beneath the waves at three festival events. For the whole festival you can see a fascinating interactive installation at the National Museum of Scotland, brought to you by researchers from SLS and EPS and other Scottish scientists. There is also an engaging evening of talks, as IPE's Professor Dorrik Stow takes part in a 'Marine Sfcience Cabaret'. Finally, Professors Teresa Fernandes and Murray Roberts from SLS join a parade of international experts to cover everything from biological exploration of the deep seas to cold water coral ecosystems, jellyfish blooms and the role of the oceans' carbon in keeping the world green, as part of the British Ecological Society Centenary Symposium.

Maths of Planet Earth

The International Centre for Mathematical Sciences (ICMS), a collaborative centre of Heriot-Watt University and the University of Edinburgh, will be showcasing how mathematical sciences are being used to understand and address challenges facing humanity, as part of the Mathematics of Planet Earth initiative. Firstly, ICMS hosts a talk where we consider the question 'What is a Science Festival?', 25 years after Edinburgh launched its first festival. For those intrigued by pandemics and the scary future scenarios posed, ICMS presents an alternative view, looking at how mathematics recommends that not everyone needs to be vaccinated and why being popular might be detrimental to your health. And for the creative among you, Madeleine Shepherd (ICMS) and Julia Collins (UoE) will have a stand at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, showcasing their Maths-of-Planet-Earth-inspired art project, Botanica Mathematica.