Head of Institute of Petroleum Engineering is new Royal Society of Edinburgh Fellow

Professor Dorrik Stow, Head of the Institute of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt, has been announced as one of the 47 new UK and International Fellows to be added to the 1500-strong Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE).

The Fellowship of the Society covers science, arts, humanities, the professions, industry and commerce. Fellows are elected following a rigorous examination of their achievement in the relevant field.

Sir John Arbuthnott, the President of the RSE, commented, "As the President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh I am aware that I am a representative of men and women who are outstanding in their intellectual fields, who are 'standing on the shoulders of giants'. Given this, one of the most important and rewarding tasks of my role is, on behalf of the RSE Council, in approving the internationally-recognised candidates who will be admitted as new Fellows to the Society.  

"Every year the competition for places is intense and this year is no different, so I am delighted to welcome 47 new Fellows to the Royal Society of Edinburgh."