Global Energy Systems Conference 2013

Professor Mehran Sohrabi, Director of Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Solutions based at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (IPE), represented Heriot-Watt University at the Global Energy Systems Conference 2013, held 26-28 June in Our Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh.

Prof. Sohrabi presented 'Key developments and challenges of Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques and CO2 Solutions' as part of the Frontier Fossil Fuel Technologies and Basins theme.   He delivered his overview of the current challenges and opportunities for Enhancing Oil Recovery (EOR) from conventional hydrocarbon reservoirs.

In his talk he highlighted IPE's achievements in developing techniques and technologies for increasing recovery factor from oil reservoirs while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions from these reservoirs.

Prof Sohrabi's research team in IPE is at the forefront of innovating novel techniques for  EOR and the prevention of CO2 leakage from geological reservoirs.

About the conference

The Global Energy Systems (GES) Conference 2013 focused on providing the key insights required by companies, organisations and investors who are under pressure from the changing energy situation.

The aim of information sharing is to inform risk assessments and strategic decision - making in light of current high energy prices and energy system vulnerabilities.

Global constraints on the supply of conventional fossil fuels are a key contributor to current high energy prices. Particularly oil, as highlighted in the International Energy Agency. World Energy Outlook 2012. Executive summary.

The Global Energy Systems conference examined these constraints in detail, as well as the cost, energy-return, and rate-limit of non-conventional fossil fuels and renewable energies that will drive future energy prices.

No other event put these critical topics into such a clear energy-systems context.