Funding for ultrasound imaging system

Professor Marc Desmulliez, Head of the Institute of Sensors, Signals and Systems, was recently awarded an EPSRC-funded research grant of total value of £919,694 under the EPSRC Healthcare Technology challenge for Engineering. The project, called USIN, "Ultrasound in a needle: minimally invasive high resolution imaging for neurosurgery", aims to design, manufacture, assemble and test an ultrasound imaging system for detection of tumours in the brain. The 18-month project is due to start in July 2013.

Professor Desmulliez, Co-investigator of the project, in collaboration with Professor Sandy Cochran (Principal Investigator) from Dundee University and Professor Tim Button (Co-investigator) from the University of Birmingham, previously developed under the IsPUD project funded by the Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (IMRC) the manufacturing, assembly and packaging technologies necessary to miniaturise this transducer.

The companies Applied Functional Material Ltd and Merlin Circuit Technology Ltd are involved in the project.