European Crucible goes to European Parliament

Dr Ruth Neiland (left) and Dr Eva Day (right) with Anne Fraser of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Scottish Crucible Director, Dr Ruth Neiland and European Research Manager, Dr Eva Day from Heriot-Watt University, joined colleagues from across the Scottish University sector on a visit to the European Parliament in Brussels organised by the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Horizon 2020

The visit aimed to highlight the scope of opportunities available to Scottish researchers through the European Commission's new 'Horizon 2020' research funding programme.

The group met senior representatives of relevant organisations including the European Research Council (ERC), European University Association (EUA), Scotland Europa; Scottish Government EU Office and the European Commissions' DG Research and Innovation, as well as  three Scottish MEP's including Alyn Smith whose office had arranged and supported the programme in Brussels.

European Crucible

The current initiative to create a new academic leadership network called 'European Crucible' was also highlighted as part of the discussions. Based on the success of the Scottish Crucible programme, which attracts many of Scotland's top young researchers and has already inspired over 40 highly innovative and interdisciplinary projects, European Crucible aims to create a new international network of highly talented early career researchers to stimulate further innovative research.

Scottish Crucible Director, Dr Ruth Neiland, said of the initiative, "European Crucible will nurture Europe's 'research leaders of the future' to become much more interdisciplinary in their research collaborations, building academic synergies and creative capacity via enhanced pan-European co-operation. It  will create a wealth of new 'Projects for Europe' that will stimulate innovation and widen participation."

European Crucible is inspired by the ambitious vision of the international participants of the Scottish Crucible programme and by an invited workshop at the Euroscience Conference in Dublin, ESOF 2012 which explored ideas with future research leaders from across Europe and beyond.  Scottish Crucible Alumni from  eight Scottish Universities were enabled to participate at ESOF through support from their home institutions and sponsorship from the Scottish Government and Scottish Funding Council.

European Crucible Network

European Crucible is currently confirming partners for the European Crucible Network proposal from all of the national scientific academies across Europe with the help of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE). Adding his support to this initiative, Dr William Duncan, Chief Executive of the RSE, said: "The Royal Society of Edinburgh is very pleased to support the Scottish Crucible programme, which provides an excellent foundation for creating a European Crucible Network. Through the RSE's experience of the Marie Curie 'COFUND' scheme, we realise the importance of enabling outstanding young researchers to develop international networks. Creating a European Crucible will certainly allow many more to benefit in this way."