Success for the Dubai Campus boating team

The winning team

The  Dubai Campus boating team has had  great success in  it first race of the academic year. Three Heriot-Watt teams entered the Shangri La competition in Abu Dhabi, with two of the teams taking first and third place. The Heriot-Watt team is trained by a graduate and boating club member Mr. Adnan Ahmed Hashim.

Winning order for the final race

1st Heriot-Watt University team 1
2nd New York university AUH team 1
3rd Heriot-Watt University #2
4th University of Dubai #3
5th Masdar Institute AUH #1
6th Masdar Institute AUH #2.

List of teams

1) New York university Abu Dhabi with  two teams
2) Masdar Institute with  two teams
3) Canadian university with  five teams
4) Heriot-Watt University with  three teams
5) University of Dubai