Chair of Korean Carbon Capture Research Centre visits Heriot-Watt

The KCRC delegation met with representatives from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering, the University of Edinburgh and SCCS.

A delegation led by Mr Kwang Yun Choi from Korea Carbon Capture and Sequestration R&D Centre (KCRC) recently visited Heriot-Watt University to find out more about our CCS research with a view to possible future collaboration.

The  visitors, accompanied by and Dr Phillipa Parmiter of SCCS and Dr Hyungwoong Ahn of the University of Edinburgh, enjoyed a tour of the new Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage by Dr Giorgio Caramana  before visiting the  Institute of Petroleum Engineering, where Dr Gillian Pickup and Professor Bahman Tohidi presented overviews of  our current research into carbon capture, storage and transport.

Carbon capture and sequestration research in Korea

The Korean government selected CCS as part of the  core technologies for its 'Low Carbon Green Growth' policy and established  the 'National Comprehensive Plan for CCS'. As part of the plan, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology developed the 'Korea CCS 2020 Project' to secure the best original technology of CCS.

The Korea Carbon Capture and Sequestration R&D Centre (KCRC) was established in 2011 as part of this strategy.  Its remit  is to perform CCS policy planning, international cooperation, education and training, and publicising outcomes while developing innovative original CCS technology.

KCRC have signed three MoU's with our partners in the Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture & Storage (SCCS).