Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment visits Heriot-Watt

Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment Richard Lochhead shaking hands with Hazel Curtis, Chief Economist of Seafish for the closing remarks at the EAFE conference.

Richard Lochhead MSP, Scottish Government Cabinet  Secretary for Rural Affairs and Environment, has visited Heriot-Watt's Edinburgh Campus to address the XXIst Conference of The European Association of Fisheries Economists (EAFE), an independent association of economists working in fisheries, including the catching, aquaculture and on-shore sectors, in Europe.

The theme of the conference was Implementing Reform in European Fisheries and brought together academics, policy makers and industry to share knowledge and perspectives, and provide a forum to share recent advances in capture fisheries and aquaculture economics and management.

Giving the closing address Mr Lochhead said, "Scotland's seafood food exports are worth over £600m, and the industry provides livelihoods for thousands of men and women. Our seafood is world renowned for its quality and is prized in shops and restaurants the world over and we are determined for it to stay that way.  

"This conference provided a good opportunity to bring together experts from across the world to discuss issues facing the sector and to share expertise and knowledge. I hope the industry will seize any opportunities to build on our national reputation for food excellence."