Alumni visit at the Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Back in class: Staff and former students from the Institute of Petroleum Engineering.
...the lab tours went very well & we could probably have spent twice as long touring them.
Chris Burnside, Cairn Energy

The Institute of Petroleum Engineering recently welcomed back  alumni  from  its graduating class of 1992.

The former students,  all now working in the energy sector, were treated to lunch on campus  followed by  a tour of the institute's various laboratory facilities, where they were able to exchange news and discuss research projects with staff old and new.

Waistlines may, like our research facilities, be expanding but  all agreed that  it was a hugely enjoyable visit.

In attendance (left to right in the photo above) were:

  • Chris Burnside (Cairn Energy)
  • Adrian Todd (Institute of Petroleum Engineering)
  • Alfie Gooch (Addax Petroleum)
  • Ewan Anderson (Vaalco Energy)
  • Ken Sorbie (Institute of Petroleum Engineering)
  • Stuart Gurden (Africa Oil Corp)
  • Helen Riley (Consultant)
  • Jim Peden (former Institute of Petroleum Engineering)
  • Murdo Paterson (Consultant)
  • Phil Sutcliffe (Senergy Group)