Petroleum academics to Chair AAPG Hedberg Conference 2012

Prof Sebastian Geiger and Dr Susan Agar (ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company), IPE Honorary Professor, will be chairing the AAPG-SPE-SEG Hedberg Research Conference on Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carbonates, July 8-13, Provence, France.

Conference aims

This conference aims to stimulate new ideas and joint industry-academic ventures that can accelerate research advances related to flow prediction and recovery in carbonate reservoirs. Such advances are likely to be among some of the most significant developments for the oil and gas industry in the next decade. We will pursue uplift for both industry and academic participants by increasing awareness of the needs and interests of each party and identifying potential to contribute to emerging concepts and novel technologies. In this way, the conference aims to generate new research opportunities, to identify paradigm shifts, and to raise awareness of the cross-disciplinary skill sets that are needed to solve problems related to flow prediction in carbonate reservoirs. Participants will combine forces to present an exciting vision to the global geoscience and engineering community of next generation research on the theme of "Fundamental Controls on Flow in Carbonates".

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