IPE strength is the knowledge and dedication of its staff

The Institute of Petroleum Engineering's (IPE) Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) met on August 23rd and gave IPE the benefit of its combined view of the current priorities in the oil and gas industry.   The clear message returned by the Board is that the dedication and ability of IPE staff is key to future success.    

The dedication and ability of IPE staff is key to future success.

Strategic Advisory Board

The expertise of IPE staff makes its research and teaching unique. This distinctiveness maintains Heriot-Watt's leading position in oil and gas education, allowing IPE to deliver valuable resources and talented engineers into the oil and gas industry.

The SAB stressed that IPE must retain this distinctiveness and build on the strong links with industry so that it can continue to take advantage of the many opportunities that exist in research, teaching and consultancy.

The board highlighted key strengths and opportunities for IPE such as:

  • Developing the scope for interdisciplinary studies.
  • Building on our industry funded research.
  • Promoting our activities through the reputation of existing JIP.
  • Highlighting our unique multi-disciplinary capability.
  • Continuing to develop strong foundational research.
  • Building our sponsor community through coherent marketing and communications.

IPE is very grateful to have the support and guidance of a strategic advisory board that consists of senior oil and gas executives from the industry's major companies.