IPE announces new industry research project

The Centre for Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Solutions has announced its latest industry sponsored research project CO2 Leakage Prevention Method, 'CO2-LPM'.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) capture and storage technologies are developing to combat global warming. One method is to inject the compressed CO2 into depleted oil and gas reservoirs or other geological features. A general problem arising is the difficulty in predicting the long-term risk that CO2 might leak back into the atmosphere.

The objective of this new Joint Industry Project (JIP) is to develop an innovative and unique CO2 leak prevention technique to automatically detect and effectively seal CO2 leaks from both known and unknown leakage paths in geological reservoirs. This eliminates the need for information on the type, extent and location of the leaks, which are generally not available.

This new research initiative is industry sponsored by GDF Suez, Petrobras, SSE and Vattenfall.