Funding for flood management research

Flood management research

Following the wettest June in the UK since 1910, parts of the UK continue to face flooding and severe weather warnings relating to heavy rainfall.

It is, therefore, timely that researchers at Heriot-Watt University have been awarded funding for research that could radically change the way that we prepare for and respond to floods.    

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has invested around £4M into funding three research pan-UK collaborative projects into flooding. Heriot-Watt's Dr Heather Haynes is leading work within two of these projects, securing £466k of funding.

Critical flood scenarios

Dr Haynes, from the  School of the Built Environment,  will lead one team looking at the most critical flood scenarios caused by flood sequences and flood clusters. Specifically, this will assess the risk of river flooding where a second flood may strike before the natural system has fully recovered to its original capacity for conveying floodwaters.

Her other team will  look at  managing urban flooding sustainably by examining the hydraulic, sediment and debris risks associated with the green and blue urban spaces planned for city designs of the future.

Both projects will commence in early 2013 and advertisements for related Research Associate positions will be released shortly.