FAST research makes front page

The  image, a visualisation  derived from 3D models of penta-phosphonate scale inhibitors, was used on the front cover of an SPE journal.

The 3D molecular  models were created by Dr Scott Shaw, research associate with the Flow Assurance and Scale Team (FAST), as part of his contribution to a research paper on oil field scale prevention. The paper, full title  The Effects of Barium Sulfate Saturation, Ratio, Calcium, and Magnesium on the Inhibition Efficiency - Part 1: Phosphate Scale Inhibitors,  co-authored with Professor  Ken Sorbie and Lorraine Boak was published in the August edition of SPE Production & Operations.

The FAST (Flow Assurance  & Scale Team) joint industry project is supported by Baker Hughes, BP, BWA, Water Additives, Champion Technologies, Chevron, Clariant, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, MI Swaco, Nalco, Petrobras, Petronas, REP, Rhodia, Saudi Armco, Shell, Statoil and Total.