University welcomes visitors from the Czech Republic

Heriot-Watt staff with the visiting students from the Czech Republic

Students from the Czech Republic have visited Heriot-Watt University as part of its new 'Study Stays Abroad' programme.

This project involves students from two institutions in the Czech Republic: Charles University in Prague and Biologicke Centrum AV in Ceske.

Over two weeks in June, two groups of eight students from each institution spent time at Heriot-Watt University's Edinburgh Campus for a training programme focused on 'Best Practice in Research Commercialisation'.  

The programme was made up of case studies presented by Heriot-Watt staff, including Dr Olga Kozlova and Robert Goodfellow, both from the University's Research & Enterprise Services, and a few selected external partners, including Dr Patrick McCarthy (Genecom Bio Ltd) and Dr Colin Robertson (Nexxus Scotland).

The visitors came from a variety of academic fields that included medicine, biology and engineering.  

Both institutions will again send groups at the same time next year.