Grow your business with free intellectual property at Heriot-Watt

Protection of intellectual property (IP) or assets (such as patents, trademarks, design rights, software, market intelligence, processes, products and people) is a key factor in the growth of modern businesses. At Heriot-Watt, we have over 500 active research staff dedicated to developing great ideas for new products and processes or innovative services that will provide your business with the competitive edge you need to thrive in the modern marketplace.

As part of our highly successful working with industry programme, Heriot-Watt is now offering access to its extensive IP Portfolio* to companies and individuals interested in taking up licenses to certain technologies at no charge on a non-exclusive basis for the purpose of product, process or service development. This will enhance further collaboration with the University or joint development of the technology in specific areas.

UK companies (or overseas companies with a UK presence) may be eligible for UK government or Scottish Development Agency financial support to develop the Heriot-Watt technologies through an industry/ university knowledge transfer partnership: Knowledge Transfer Partnership Scheme or Scottish Enterprise.

Simply put: we want you to use our ideas to grow your business!

For further Information on how to access the Heriot-Watt University IP Portfolio, or discuss your requirements, please contact Robert Goodfellow, Commercialisation Manager.

*Note: Access to our extensive research facilities, qualified technical staff or specialist scientific equipment can be arranged separately through consultancy arrangements.