Dubai Campus launches new degree bridging programme

Heriot-Watt University Dubai Campus is pleased to announce the start of its new Degree Entry Programme Bridging Course.

Programme information

The Degree Entry Programme Bridging Course is designed for students whose Year 12 or equivalent results are not quite enough to satisfy our minimum entry requirements for undergraduate programmes.

Entry requirements & applications

Applications for the the Degree Entry Programme Bridging Course will be  reviewed on a case-by-case basis and accordingly it may be possible to supplement their academic qualifications with one or two of the courses (modules) on our Degree Entry Programme (Maths, Physics, Design Studies) in order to advance the students onto their chosen undergraduate programme.

The programme will run from June onwards and students will be given learning materials covering all topics and revisions questions.

Exams & assessments

Students will be required to take an exam in August for their modules.

Upon successful completion of the Degree Entry Bridging Programme with specific grades, and based on their previous academic qualifications, students will then be able to progress to one of undergraduate programmes starting in September 2011.

More information

For details on fees, eligibility and application procedure, please contact the Dubai Campus.