Carbon Trust Standard awarded to Edinburgh Campus

From left: David Jack, Environment and Energy Manager; John Monagahn, Assistant Director of Estates Services; Harry Waugh, Carbon Trust Standard; Ann Marie Dalton, Secretary of the University; and Peter Kerr, Director of Estates Services.

Heriot-Watt University's Edinburgh Campus has been officially awarded the Carbon Trust Standard.

The Standard recognises organisations that have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions within a strict set of quality assured requirements.

Heriot-Watt has measured its carbon footprint over the last three years and has implemented a number of projects to manage and reduce these emissions. These projects have included investments in its infrastructure including a boiler and heat plant replacement programme, a roof insulation programme and many lighting replacement schemes involving low energy technology.

In addition, energy awareness has been raised through an internal utilities recharging programme and will soon be further enhanced by an energy awareness campaign. Recognition must also go to all those areas of the University who are striving to reduce their local impacts through changes in behaviour and the introduction of lower energy equipment and processes.

By taking action on climate change Heriot-Watt has reduced its relative carbon emissions against revenue expenditure by 9.5%. This is the standard relative measure used by public bodies in the Carbon Trust Standard Accreditation and Carbon Reduction Commitment Schemes.

The Carbon Trust Standard certificate was presented to the Secretary of the University, Ann Marie Dalton in June 2011.

The Carbon Trust Standard requires the University to keep reducing its carbon emissions and to recertify every two years. It means the University and its staff and students must continue the great work and keep reducing its impact on the environment.