European universities seek Heriot-Watt's knowledge transfer expertise

From left to right: Derek Brown, Legal Services Manager; Simona De Simone, Industrial Liaison Officer, University of Camerino; Jade Ross, IP and Contracts Advisor; and Robert McKinney, Enterprise Legal Advisor.

A number of knowledge transfer (KT) colleagues from universities in Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic are being hosted by Heriot-Watt's Technology and Research Services (TRS) to learn about knowledge transfer Heriot-Watt style.

Fulfilling seven internships, the teams were invited by the Director of Technology & Research Services, Gillian McFadzean, to come to Edinburgh to attend training workshops on varying aspects of technology transfer through subjects such as cooperation of legal agreements, licensing, interactions with industry, patent strategy, financing operations, policy issues, commercialisation, marketing and much more.

Simon de Simona, an Industrial Liaison Officer at Italy's University of Camerino, is completing an internship. Turning down an internship in America, Simone was very decisive about choosing Heriot-Watt to find out more about KT.

Simone said: "Gillian's reputation is well known in Europe and she had presented at a workshop I attended and I was really excited to know that Heriot-Watt offered the opportunity to learn more about technology transfer.

Commenting on her experience so far, Simone added: "I am really looking forward to sharing what I have learned with the rest of my team back in Italy. I am impressed with the way in which the legal services in TRS works with its spin out companies. I believe implementing similar policies and procedures back in Camerino will really give us a competitive edge."

TRS is continuing its international impact in knowledge exchange, so watch this space.