Air travel disruption

Some students overseas may be affected by the current disruption to air travel

As a result of the disruption to air travel currently being experienced in the UK and beyond, some students overseas may find it difficult to return to the University to sit examinations starting on 26 April, and may be anxious about what will happen if they miss any examinations.

Examinations scheduled between 26 April and 21 May will go ahead next week as planned and all students should make reasonable efforts to return to the University. 

For those students who, because of the current disruption, are unable to return to the University in time to sit some or all of their examinations, alternative assessment arrangements will be made. This could involve written examinations or another form of assessment.

Students who will be unable to return, or who have questions regarding examination arrangements, should contact the University by email on or by telephone on 0131 451 3407. 

Enquiries will be forwarded to the relevant staff in Schools/Institutes who will respond as soon as possible.

Students who miss examinations should ensure that they retain copies of travel documents so that they can be made available to the relevant academic boards if required.

More information on examinations is available on the Registry web pages.