Zairul Nizam Bin Zainol

Library Manager

Roles and responsibilities

Zairul Nizam Bin Zainol is the Library Manager, responsible in coordinating library management processes which includes balancing budgets, people, as well as other strategic resources. He also promotes library services, and is responsible in overseeing service improvement and quality of the whole library.


Zairul holds a Diploma in Info. Management and a Bachelor of Sc. in Information Studies, majoring in Library/ Record Management. He later earned an MSc. in Information Management from the Universiti Technology Mara (UiTM).

He is a professional librarian with nearly 14 years experience in the education industry, comprising primary, secondary and university experience. He specialises in developing research tools, information packaging, and courses to strengthen students' research abilities.

He is also skilled in translating library services and policies into tangible, comprehensive resources for students, as well as having the ability to develop and implement libraries.