Norsiyati Mohd Noor

Regulatory Compliance Manager

+603 889 43612
Roles and responsibilities

Norsiyati Mohd Noor is Regulatory Compliance Officer.


Norsiyati is a graduate of the University of Hull, where she obtained her Master of Business Administration in Business Finance.

She started her career in teaching at SEGi College and has taught subjects like International Business, Management, Strategic Management and Organisational Behaviour. She left SEGi College to join Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College where she headed up the Compliance/Regulatory Affairs and Centre Support Department.

She has extensive experience in managing the documentation for getting programmes approved and accredited by related government authorities such as MQA and MOHE in Malaysia, from working in Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College and Sunway University. She is also a certified internal auditor having conducted many audits in her previous employment.